We are Heidrun and Hans Jørn Koefoed and are the couple behind Pure Rainforest Chocolate.
Bean-to-Bar chocolatemakers in Hasle on Bornholm, where we produce genuin chocolate of high quality. Our cocoa and chocolate are sustainable produced and completely without additives.

Pure Rainforest Chocolate only consists of handroasted and handpeeled cocoabeans with organic canesugar added                       – nothing else.

 Because the processing is at a minimum, the chocolate has a powerfull flavour. That’s why you only need a small piece of our chocolate to get the rich chocolatetaste and – satisfaction.

The cocoabeans are imported from OlsenFarmFiji (OFF), where the cocoatrees are grown sustainable and without chemicals.

The working condiotns on the farm are all in order.The tre fijian men maintain the plantation, harvest the cocoapods, controls the fermentation and drying process.

All children in Fiji attends school, there are no childlabour or slavery on the farm.

We have a great passion for dark chocolate, and as conscious consumers we wish to act and produce chocolate

environmentally friendly.

Other peoples living standards moves us and we want to illustrate, that it is possible to produce a responsible qualityproduct.

Fiji – especially the village Namau, has become our second home and the farmers our new family. We are so grateful for accepting us.

When you purchase Pure Rainforest Chocolate , you provide the farmers and their families a regular income that will improve their living standards.

In the same time, you help preserving the rainforest!

Heidrun  is educated as cook, nurse, psychotherapist and healer.

Hans Jørn is educated as farmer and specialist in sewer-systems.



Vi hedder Heidrun og Hans Jørn Koefoed og bor på Bornholm, nær Allinge.
Nu er vi blevet chokolademagere med et produkt af høj kvalitet. Smagen er kraftig, fordi der udelukkende er bønner og rørsukker i. Man behøver kun at spise lidt af det for at blive mættet. Der produceres efter økologiske principper. Der er ikke behov for at anvende kemikalier.

På farmen er der ordnede arbejdsforhold, mændene vedligeholder plantagen, plukker kakaokapslerne, fermenterer og tørrer bønnerne. Kvinderne står for ristning og afskalning. Alle børn går i skole, intet børnearbejde på kakaofarmen.


Our history