High quality chocolate


We want to produce the chocolate as pure and simpel as possible.

70 % dark consists of seven parts cocoabeans and three parts organic canesugar.


The Cocoatree must grow in the shade of taller trees, which means there is no chocolate without rainforest!

The tree is 6-7 years old before it’s producing. When the ripe fruits at OlsenFarmFiji are harvested, they are opened and the white cocoabeans are removed and placed in a container. Then the fermentation begins. This is an important process for the flavour, where temperature, moisture and time has great influence..

After 5-6 days, the fermentation is terminated, the beans are rinsed and placed onto the homemade dryingbeds for 8-10 days.

Because we use the finest, handsorted beans from OlsenFarmFiji, the flavour is incredible aromatic, as chocolate originally tasted like, before it was industrialized.

As it is a naturalproduct, the weatherconditions during fermentation and drying period affects the flavour. That’s why you might experience the chocolate will taste different, but that way it’s more interesting to work with.


Here is another important element, the roasting. We choose a light roasting, resulting in a low bitterness and in the same time, the many fruity aromas are preserved. Shelling are done by hand….

The dark cocoa is crushed before entering the melangeur, which is preheated to approx. 50 C. When the required amount of cocoa and sugar is poured in, it runs for 12 hours. The melangeur grinds the beans and makes the cocoabutter liquid and the other particles microscopical. The flavour is constantly evolving and our favorite occures after approx. 12 hours. The lovely liquid mass are then emptied into a suitable container and cooled down.

The chocolate must rest for at least a month, for a further development in flavour and texture.

The last process is tempering. First, the chocolate is heated up to 52 C, then cooled down to 26 C and again reheated to 35 C. Now, it’s ready to be poured into the moulds.

Some of our different chocolatebars are decorated with dried fruit and berries of either local or exotic origin, e.g. mango, pineapple, passionfrut, melon, banana, kiwi. The local represents strawberries, rasberry, apple and buckthorn. Different kinds of nuts and almonds with cinnamon.

Our chocolate is:

Lactosefree Cholesterolneutral
There is a high content of flavonoids.