Pure Rainforest Chocolate

High quality chocolate with cocoabeans from Fiji

High quality chokolate

We wish to manufacture the chocolate in a clean and simpel way. 70 % dark chocolate, consists 70% cocoabeans and 30% organic canesugar.

Our cocobeans comes from Fiji

The cocoatree grows in the shade of taller trees, so if you don’t have rainforest, you won’t have chocolate!

The cocoatree is about 6-7 years old before it starts producing. When the ripe fruits at OlsenFarmFiji are harvested, they are opened and the white cocoabeans are extracted, put in a wooden box and the fermentation starts. This is an important proces for the caracter of the flavour, where temperature, humidity and time are significant. After 5-6 days the fermentation are stopped, the beans are awashed and laid on the homebuilt dryingbeds for 8-10 days.

Because we use the finest cocoabeans from Olsen-Farm-Fiji, the flavour in the chocolate becomes very aromatic, just like the original chocolate tasted like, before it became industrialized.

The flavour varies, as it is a natural product. Many conditions affects the flaovur: Weather and temperarure during fermentation, also the drying process can take longer or shorter time, depending on the amount of sun or rain. That makes the chocolate taste differently and that makes chocolatemaking so exciting!

Besides Fiji, we also import cocoabeans from Peru, Guatemala, Venezuela Amazonas, Papa New Guinea and Mexico.

From Mexico comes one of the rarest and most expensive varieties, the White Criollo with a unique flavour. Produced from the farm Raices de la Montana, situated in the Tabasco region.

The production takes place on Bornholm.

Here, an important element also takes place, the roasting. We have chosen a low degree of roasting, which provides a slight bitterness while preserving the many fruity notes. Peeling is done manually.

The beans are chopped before they are put into the conching machine, which is heated to about 50 degrees Celsius. Once the desired amount of beans and sugar is poured in, it runs for 30 hours. Conching causes the beans to grind, the chocolate mass becomes liquid, and the particles become microscopic. The flavor develops along the way, and our favorite occurs after about 30 hours. The lovely liquid mass is then emptied into a container and cooled down.

The raw chocolate should rest for at least a month for the flavor and texture to further develop.

Then it needs to be tempered. First, it is heated to 42 degrees Celsius, then cooled down to 28, and finally heated to 33 degrees Celsius to be poured into the molds.

Our various chocolate bars are often adorned with dried fruits and berries of either exotic or local character, such as mango, pineapple, passion fruit, melon, banana, kiwi – but also strawberries, raspberries, apple, and sea buckthorn. In addition, a few nuts and almonds with cinnamon are used.

The chocolate is:

  • Vegan, soy/lecithin-free
  • Gluten-free
  • Lactose-free
  • Cholesterol-neutral T
  • here is a high content of antioxidants in the form of flavonoids
  • Slave-free!