High quality chocolate

We wish to make our chocolate as pure and simple as possible.

70 % dark chocolate consists of 70% cocoabeans and 30% organic canesugar.


The cocoatree needs to grow in the shade of taller trees, so if you dont have rainforest, you will not have chocolate!!

The tree needs to be 6-7 years old before it start blooming. When the ripe fruits at OlsenFarmFiji are harvested, they are opened with a machete and uncovers the white cocoabeans. Here, the beans are covered in a sweet pulp, sweet as candy, but the bean itself tasts awful!

The beans are removed and put in a wooden container and then the fermentation begins! This is a very important process, that defines the character of the flavour, where temperature, humidity and time have great influence.

After 5-6 days, the fermentation are terminated, the beans are rinsed and put to dry on homemade drying beds in 8-10 days.

We creat our chocolate in an old-fasioned way, with a low impact of processing. That makes the chocolate very aromatic, the same way as the Maya-people originally worked with cacao.

Today, the industry have changed all that

We use the finest cocoabeans from Olsen-Farm-Fiji and that makes the flavour quite aromatic. Just like the original flavour, before it got industrialized.

Being a natural product, you might taste differences in flavour over time. The weather conditions during fermentation and drying proces have great impact on the flavour. On the other hand, that makes chocolate more exciting to work with.

On Bornholm:

Here, a vital element is happening, the roasting. We have chosen a low grade of roasting, that provides a light bitterness and at the same time the many fruity flavours are preserved. Peeling removes the husk, which are sused as chocolate-tea.

The cocoabeans are crushed into nibs, before they enters the stonegrinder, which is preheated to 50 deg.

The requested amount of cocoanibs are slowly poured into the grinder and then it runs for app. 24 hours, then the sugar are added. The machine runs for additional 24 hours. The temperature and the grinding makes the cocoabutter fluidly and the particles smaller and smaller. The flavour develops slowly and our favorit occurs after app. 48 hours. The lovely liquid mass are then poured into a container and cooled and chopped to smaller pieces.

The raw chocolate needs to rest for at least a month, securing the flavour and texture further development.

Now it’s time for tempering! First melting up to 42 deg, then cooled down to 28 deg and reheated to 33 deg and now it’s ready for molding.

Our chocolatebars in different sizes are often decorated with dried fruit or berries of either local or exotic origin, such as mango, pineapple, passionfruit, melon, kiwi and banana – but also strawberry, raspberry, apple and buckthorn. Besides that, a some nuts and almonds mixed with cinnamon.

Our chocolate is:

  • Vegan and Soy/Lecithinfree
  • Glutenfree
  • Lactosefree and cholesterolneutral
  • with a high level of anti-oxidantsin shape of flavonoids.
  • Slavefree!

On July 14 2021, we recieved as one of two in Denmark, the certificate from Pono Cocoa for using 100% slavefree cocoabeans.

At the same time, OlsenFarmFiji (OFF), achieved a certificate from Pono Cocoa, being the first 100% slavefree cocoa-producer in the world.

Our goal is to use as many organic items as possible, so our customers can enjoy our products with a clear conscience.