Nordic Bean-to-Bar Festival.   27-28/11 – 2020


  Cancelled! We try again in 2021!


 The brandnew Bean-to-Bar chokolate-festival on the island Bornholm in the Baltic Sea, for equalminded who approves Direct Trade and 100% traceability in the fight against childslavery.

 The festival adresses producers and importers of cocoabeans, vanilla, coffde and tea.

Come and see, smell and taste these magnificent products and have a chat with the people, that REALLY wishes to make a difference. A difference that means, that the primary producers have a good income and are free of infinite powerty.


Exibithors: A booth with a table 1×3 m                   eur 350.- 

                           This includes a light meal thursday evening at arrival,

                           and a goodbyebrunch sunday. 

                                                                                          Extra table:      eur 65.-  

                                                                             Extra person:    eur 55.-

                       Lineup thursday nov 26, dismantling sunday nov 29.


           Registration no later than sept 10, 2020.


Gæster: Fredag kl 9-11,30: Åbent kun for erhversdrivende,                                    restauratører, hoteller, kokke og producenter.

                  Workshops, demo, networking.

                 Fredag Kl 12-21,00 åbent for publikum.

                 Lørdag kl 10-17,00 åbent for publikum.


       Charitydinner open for all, saturday evening 6,30 pm                   with entertainment, music and dance

                  The revenue will be used in a project in Namau, Fiji, to                              establish a vanillaproduction. The local women receives aid to                    grow and process vanilla in a high quality and ables them to                        earn their own money.

                  The project requires construction of drying and storage                            facilities, and space for the smal choldren, while the women                      are at work.børnepasning.